Welcome to my Website :^)

Here you can see my artwork, which goes from fully finished pieces to sketchbook pages.
I'll also be using this site to document and collect other peoples artwork to share along side other things.
Enjoy your stay.

NOTE: most of this is not available.

Portrait of the Artist

♥♠About the Artist♦♣

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Hello :^)! its me, artist on the internet.

My name is Krummi, Gormur or Gosi to some, seen online as Kruzidula.
I'm rather simple minded, and take great pleasure looking at the sky and bird watching. Perhaps I'm also a bit sophisticated, enjoying things such as collecting random things I find, playing games and dreaming B^J
Writing and speaking doenst come easy to me, but visual art is second nature :^)
Art for me is a tool to express myself, despite that I don't take it too seriously.
I like working with diverse material, digital illustrations, dolls, paintings and more.

I consider myself a jack of all trades, to challenge my abilities and broaden my veiws on both technique and art as a concept is what I consider fun.
With that, I don't think my art jounrey will ever end, which makes me happy ^_^

As you explore this site you'll maybe unravel more about me and my work.
Have fun!

Basic info:

He/Them, Non-binary
Favorite colors are Pinks & Greens
I think dragons are the coolest